FUBBFouled Up Beyond Belief
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Fubbs added that they were looking at a long-term cooperation with the emirates in the banking sector and food and beverage industry, in addition to encouraging trade ties between the two countries.
Ms Fubbs urged for the suspension of all individuals implicated in the initial investigations with more severe actions once the investigation is concluded.
Fubbs expressed her approval at the calibre of exhibitors brought to Havana by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and she urged the department to persuade many more local businesspeople to identify Cuba as a trade destination of choice.
In addition, Fubbs mentioned that there was a lot that South Africa could also gain from trading with Cuba.
Ms Fubbs said this follows a meeting last month with Transnet where the Committee expressed its continued concern regarding a perception that state-owned entities (SOEs) were not implementing the localisation policy effectively.
Ms Fubbs said this would reveal that not all parts of the manufacturing sector are in a recession.
Ms Fubbs said all stakeholders needed to work together to ensure a sustainable industry.
Ms Fubbs said the focus will be on increasing the need for responsible drinking and a consideration of the location and age of the drinker.
Ms Fubbs said she would raise this incident this week with the Committee, as there is a need to engage not only with the casinos and banking association, but also with the Gambling Board.
Ms Fubbs said from now on, when the AG does his annual audit outcomes, supply chain management in terms of local procurement will become an audit outcome.
Ms Fubbs said there has been significant progress in measures to leverage South Africas large-scale public investment and procurement programme.
Committee Chairperson Ms Joanmariae Fubbs said this was a positive intervention to streamline and reduce red tape.