FUCTFrom Under the Cork Tree (Fall Out Boy album)
FUCTFailed Under Continuous Testing
FUCTFeast Upon Cactus Thorns (Tucson hardcore band)
FUCTFreelance Undercover Cyber Terrorists (gaming clan)
FUCTForever Ungratical Coronaric Technikilation (band)
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The Fuct range of T-shirts, jackets and jumpers have spicy messages on them, and are fast becoming the most stylish thing to wear this season.
Turlough said of the Fuct range: "I love the name even though some people have difficulty pronouncing it.
The FUCT is likely to be ubiquitous and has a strict Golgi localization.
Mutations in FUCT lead to a lack of Fuc residues in N- and mucin-type O-glycans, whereas the biosynthesis of O-fucosyl glycans is normal (197).
I remember I wore some Fuct shorts, because Natas did those for awhile.
Next we gave meaning to the company name Fuct when we tossed their knapsack off a 10-story building, filled with two watermelons.