FUFFöreninegn för Utvecklingsfrågor (Swedish development organization)
FUFFrank Und Freunde (web design company, Stuttgart, Germany)
FUFFriends of the Urban Forest
FUFFrederikshavn Ungdoms Fællesråd (Danish youth council)
FUFFiles under Folders (algorithm)
FUFForbundet Unge Forskere (Norwegian Association of Young Scientists)
FUFFrequently Used Function
FUFFriends of the Upland Farmer
FUFFellow Up Front (military slang; polite form)
FUFFat Ugly Friend
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That is, the FUF initiative allows food manufacturers to display up to two additional "nutrients to encourage.
6) In addition, the long FUF condition produced significantly higher attention levels than the shortened version, and marginally higher levels of ease of use.
This may be partly due to the sample of US consumers having relatively low awareness of the TL nutrition labeling system compared to the FUF disclosures, which appear on food packages in the United States.
Additionally, the long FUF disclosure and the long TL disclosure both helped consumers better evaluate the product vs.
However, in the absence of such information, the long FUF disclosure outperforms all other treatment conditions (all p's < .
As in Study 1, we also examined the long FUF condition (with two nutrients to encourage) vs.
Next, we examined the effects of color in the TL conditions by assessing potential differences in the two white FUF conditions and the two colored TL conditions.
Results show that 95% of participants in the control condition, 87% in the long FUF condition, 67% in the shortened FUF condition, 72% in the long TL condition, and 75% in the shortened TL conditions opted to view the back of the package.
Follow-up contrasts indicate that the short FUF condition (M = 1.
In both studies, the FUF and TL formats produced more favorable consumer responses than the control conditions.
Specifically, when participants were educated about the FOP nutrition information, the TL and the shorter FUF conditions generated a lower likelihood of examining the back of the package.
US food manufacturers have committed $50 million for a consumer education campaign intended to increase consumer awareness and usage of the FUF icon.