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FULFullerton (Amtrak station code; Fullerton, CA)
FULFederal Upper Limit (Medicaid reimbursements)
FULFondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise (French)
FULFonds Unifié Logement (French: Unified Housing Fund)
FULFederación Universitaria Local (Spanish: Local University Federation; Bolivia)
FULFuites Urinaires Légères (French: Light Urinary Leakage)
FULFrisbee Ultimate Lanaudière (Canadian frisbee league)
FULFunctional Urethral Length (anatomy)
FULFullerton Transportation Center (train station location identifier; California)
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I would be very happy if I can use my talent in tea-making for turning my life around and providing a better life for my family," said Ful.
To contact Abdus Salam Ful or to know more about his seven-coloured tea, write in to deeptiknair@gmail.
If a certain drug entity contained some GCNs with FUL prices and some GCNs without FUL prices, the GCNs with FUL prices were placed in the FUL list and the GCNs without FUL prices were placed in the non-FUL list.
Separate data analyses were performed for the FUL and non-FUL drug groupings.
A calculation of the percentage of total national generic drug sales accounted for by FUL drugs.
A comparison of the average per-unit price for a FUL drug, weighted by sales volume, from the Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, and Washington MAC lists, and the FUL list.
Sales of drug entities with FUL prices accounted for approximately 817.
The Texas MAC list had the lowest weighted-average price for FUL drugs at $0.
MAC and FUL programs contribute to State Medicaid pharmacy program savings in two ways.
Because State MAC programs generally have more latitude than the FUL program in placing drugs on their lists and in setting prices for those drugs, MAC programs are typically larger and more price aggressive than the FUL program.
Our analyses for FUL drugs yielded three important observations.
The association also points out the importance of providing clear guidance to states on accurate dispensing fees before the use of AMP-based FULs.