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FULFederal Upper Limit (Medicaid reimbursements)
FULFondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise (French)
FULFederación Universitaria Local (Spanish: Local University Federation; Bolivia)
FULFunctional Urethral Length (anatomy)
FULFullerton Transportation Center (train station location identifier; California)
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Separate data analyses were performed for the FUL and non-FUL drug groupings.
A calculation of the percentage of total national generic drug sales accounted for by FUL drugs.
A comparison of the average per-unit price for a FUL drug, weighted by sales volume, from the Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, and Washington MAC lists, and the FUL list.
Sales of drug entities with FUL prices accounted for approximately 817.
The Texas MAC list had the lowest weighted-average price for FUL drugs at $0.
MAC and FUL programs contribute to State Medicaid pharmacy program savings in two ways.
Because State MAC programs generally have more latitude than the FUL program in placing drugs on their lists and in setting prices for those drugs, MAC programs are typically larger and more price aggressive than the FUL program.
Our analyses for FUL drugs yielded three important observations.
26 per unit, or 30 percent less than the FUL list average price of $0.
In summary, the State MAC lists we studied were all larger than the FUL list, but they varied considerably amongst themselves with regard to their price aggressiveness for FUL drugs and their breadth, depth, and price aggressiveness for non-FUL drugs.
Because FUL drugs account for approximately 65 percent of sales, States with resource limitations might benefit by focusing on more aggressive pricing for these drugs, rather than adding lower volume non-FUL drugs to their lists.