FUNIFrame-Based User Network Interface
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Unlike competitive offerings, the "FramePlus" network module requires only a single card to deliver both Frame Relay and FUNI services.
GDC's integrated ATM/frame APEX product line is now the first in the industry to concurrently enable users to deploy frame relay, FUNI, HDLC/SDLC transport and service and network interworking on a single platform.
Delivering on its promise of low speed ATM and based on its FUNI expertise (GDC is a co-author of the FUNI specification in the ATM Forum), GDC has developed a new interface controller for the APEX family that supports very high-density FUNI services.
With DXI and FUNI interworking software support scheduled for availability during the first half of 1996, the card used in the demonstration is the newest member of the EiconCard family of Multiservice Access Cards.
In fact, Hitachi is the first public network systems provider that is shipping a complete set of ATM Forum-compliant DS1 interfaces for ATM, circuit emulation, frame relay and FUNI.
21, HSSI combined with ATM and non-ATM protocols including ATM UNI, the new ATM FUNI, ATM DXI, Frame Relay, SMDS, and CBR (constant bit rate)/ Circuit Emulation.
The first live demonstration of the ATM Forum's structured AAL1 voice over ATM will be combined with data and ATM FUNI in a network using ADC Kentrox ATM Access Concentrators -- AAC-1 and AAC-3(t) -- and DataSMART(r) T1 and E1 Multimedia Access Multiplexers -- MAX(t) -- in the ADC Kentrox booth at Networld+Interop 95, Paris and Atlanta and Telecom 95, Geneva.
We still have obstacles like the Colossus (the famous quarter pipe that few can climb alone) and Gladius (the iced water-filled tanks), but we've added obstacles such as Laminis (incline walls) and Funis (ropes and bars hand walk) and Lutum (a really muddy one).