FUPFull Upright Position
FUPFirenze University Press (Italy)
FUPFair Use Policy
FUPFair Usage Policy
FUPFirmware Update
FUPFonds Unique de Péréquation (French: Former Unique Equilization Fund)
FUPFunktionsplan (German: Logic Diagram)
FUPFront Underrun Protection (automotive device)
FUPFile Utility Program
FUPForming-Up Point
FUPFreshman Urban Program (various colleges and universities)
FUPFree Unit Packs
FUPFixed Unit Price
FUPFree Use Permit
FUPFrequently Used Program
FUPFraction Unbound in Plasma (pharmacokinetics)
FUPFacility Utilization Plan
FUPFirst Usage Phase
FUPFull Up Power Pack
FUPFollow-Up Post
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Davis, Bagozzi e Warshaw (1989) e Costa, Ferreira, Bento e Aparicio (2016), demonstraram que estas duas dimensoes sao estatisticamente distintas, apresentando medidas que indicam o uso do sistema em analise, onde FUP tera um efeito direto sobre UP, na medida em que o aumento de FUP contribui para melhorar o desempenho da tarefa, onde UP e influenciada pela FUP e por variaveis externas, desta forma propoe-se a hipotese H2, onde FUP tera um efeito positivo e significativo sobre UP:
2007), quienes propusieron un modelo de aceptacion y procesamiento de la informacion en el sitio web (WAM), y con el que plantean que up y fup determinan las actitudes que los usuarios generan hacia el sitio web en el que estan navegando, asi como su intencion futura de revisita.
FUP has also put its members on strike warning as it continues talks with Petrobras.
The policy rules within the RLAH enabler can measure actual roaming usage against allowances, subject to FUP limitations, for regulated traffic in real time and also send notifications to subscribers when they reach the allowance limits.
The length of the Fup function support is determined according to expression [-(n + 2) [2.
In other words, if the service is advertised as "unlimited rice," FUP allows a subscriber to have only a certain amount of spoonfuls after consuming his or her first cup.
It follows that non-specification of FUP is an indication of a false, deceptive or misleading advertisement," the advisory added.
The first algorithm that maintains association rules against a dynamic database is FUP [5].
It aims to stop gas flaring through the RMP and FUP flare systems and to make use of the value represented by the components present in the flare gas.
388-1964 354 PLANET 388-1974 311 RENEE FASHION 388-0321 443D SOMA INTIMATES 388-1704 18 MARCEL LO SPORT 706-1357 351 TERRA NOVA 388-0410 371 TOMMY BAHAMA 388-2446 317 WHITE HOUSE/BLACK MARKET 388-5033 FINANCIAL/ATTOR MEY 30 CHASE BANK 388-4400 301 LAWRENCE RESIDENTIAL FUNDING 388-5551 300 WELLS FARGO BANK 361-5849 FOOTWEAR 28A ADDISON CRAIG 388-3400 9 FUP FLOP SHOP 388-1777 349 SPERRY TOPSIDER 727-865-8021 GALLERIES 438B DAVID O'KEEFE 388-4266 3 NAUTICAL NORTH 388-3334 434 STADIUM GALLERY 388-5400 12 WALL ART 388-0140 314 WYLAND GALLERIES 388-5331 ICECREAM/CONFECTIONS 372A BEN a JERRY'S 388-5226 561 BIG OLAF CREAMERY 388-4108 312 KILWIN'S CHOCOLATES & ICECREAM 388-3200 382 LE MACA RON 552-8872 19C SCOOP DADDY'S 388-1650 327A SARASOTA YOGURT CO.
El MOIR conformo por su parte el FUP con grupos de izquierda mas pequenos y sectores de la ANAPO.