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FUSEDFrench-US Exchange in Dance (French American Cultural Exchange; New York, NY)
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Gum remover and/or dry ice may also need to be applied to the area being fused, to speed up the freezing process.
Based on a presentation at the 48th Annual Investment Casting Institute Technical Meeting & Exhibition held October 16-19 in Dallas, this article discusses testing performed to analyze and compare the performance characteristics of fused silica and alumino-silicate refractories.
5 The second fused cell grows into a second embryo with same genes as the original fetal cell.
AVX Corporation (NYSE:AVX), a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and connectors, has developed the TBW Series Tantalum Fused Capacitor to provide increased protection against short circuit failure modes.
There are 14 models in the EURO fuse DIN-Rail range from standard fused, diode, LED and disconnector terminal blocks.
The miniature circuit breaker has a slow trip speed so it is a drop-in replacement for fused terminal blocks using slow-blow fuses.
The fused cell then goes through an organized process of dividing up the chromosomes from the two parental fungi to produce cells with the original number of chromosomes.
a leading manufacturer of high quality crystal and precision optics products, offers a complete line of ultra high quality precision glass ferrules and alignment sleeves and clear fused quartz glass substrates and components for fiber optic applications.
Computed Tomography (CT) VRT fused with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) VRT).
The downside of fusing is that one sea squirt can parasitize the other, essentially taking over its body by means of mobile stem cells, which transplant themselves between the fused individuals through the shared circulatory system.