FUSFFederal Universal Service Fee
FUSFFriends of Upton State Forest (Upton, MA)
FUSFFirst Universalist Society in Franklin (Franklin, MA)
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A proposal that the FCC published in the Federal Register for public comment, but has not adopted, would create a limited pilot program within the FUSF.
Through the FUSF leasing program, Seesmart customers can receive 100% financing for Seesmart lighting products, control systems, product installation and product training.
FUSF can finance any capital asset or expansion from $15,000 to $10,000,000 with terms from 2 to 7 years.
ARPU is also calculated exclusive of E-911, FUSF and vendor's compensation charges, as these are generally pass through charges that the Company collects from its customers and remits to the appropriate government agencies.
Other revenues consist primarily of revenue recognized from amortization of prior period SAB 104 deferrals (refer to Note 7 below for a discussion of SAB 104), FUSF billed to our customers and other revenues not subject to SAB 104 deferral because they do not relate to an on-going customer relationship or performance of future services.
You will also be charged a monthly FUSF (Federal Universal Service Fund) cost recovery fee to help cover charges from our data transport supplier pursuant to state and federal telecom regulations.