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FUSSFollicular Unit Strip Surgery (hair transplant)
FUSSFeatural and Unitary Semantic Space (psychology)
FUSSFamilies Under Scientology Stress (UK)
FUSSFull-Use-of-Suitable Spares
FUSSFirst Unitarian Society of Schenectady (Schenectady, NY)
FUSSFlexible Universal Stowage System (US Navy)
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I looked upon him as the sort of person to be made a fuss with, and to make a fuss himself in any trifling disorder, and was chiefly concerned for those who had to nurse him; but now it is confidently asserted that he is really in a decline, that the symptoms are most alarming, and that part of the family, at least, are aware of it.
I think she would get a glance of approval, though, from people who like sense and simplicity rather than fuss and feathers.
It was some time before it got over its vexation; it went boiling and muttering along, fighting with the rotten logs that lie across it, and making far more fuss than was necessary over every root that interfered with it.
It was about a little black spaniel--a rare bit o' breed--as he made a fuss to get.
I shouldn't mind your seeing him occasionally at my uncle's--I don't want you to make a fuss on the subject.
Aunt Sally she looked old and tired and let the children snarl and fuss at one another and didn't seem to notice it was going on, which wasn't her usual style; me and Tom had a plenty to think about without talking; Benny she looked like she hadn't had much sleep, and whenever she'd lift her head a little and steal a look towards her father you could see there was tears in her eyes; and as for the old man, his things stayed on his plate and got cold without him knowing they was there, I reckon, for he was thinking and thinking all the time, and never said a word and never et a bite.
Don't fuss him if he is upset by the noise of fireworks.
Although I'm not that liberal, I fail to see what the fuss is all about regarding President Clinton using the White House for various invited guests.
If you are bullied, you do have to tell and you must allow your parents to make that fuss - to help stop bullying.
And somewhere in Scotland, where golf was born - and born to be a hard game, somebody has got to be wondering what all the fuss is about.
The dad-of-three said: "I like the fact I can walk around Glasgow and no-one makes a fuss.
There's not much fuss in Drogheda concerning it, none whatsoever.