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FUUFaster Universal Unpacker (software)
FUUFoerderkreis Umweltschutz in Unterfranken (German: Sponsoring Environmental Protection in Lower Franconia; Waldbüttelbrunn, Germany)
FUUField Utility Uniform
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In general most of the methane sources come from the Northern Hemisphere," Fuu told Reuters.
Fuu said long-term data and comparing methane levels between the both hemispheres helped researchers conclude that about half the decrease in Northern Hemisphere methane emissions could be explained by reduced emissions from rice agriculture in Asia over the past three decades.
The brick walls of the cafe have pictures both of famous women, such as Anne Frank and Burma-political-activist Aung San Fuu Kyi, and lesser known women, including customers' mothers and grandmothers.
Since, by assumption, fuu [less than] 0 and b [greater than] 0, this partial derivative implies that a rise in [[Lambda].
Indeed, in 1993 Mantua seems to have gone fuu out to celebrate the 35oth anniversary of the composer's death, with concerts and exhibitions, as well as the conference itself.
At a glass-fronted nursery, young primates and small mammals are bottle-fed and diapered just like human infants, and in fuU view of visitors.
The Government has admitted that up pounds 12 a day is being allocated to police forces for each prisoner they are asked to put up in cells when prisons become too fuU.
A SINK fuU of unwashed dishes, a pile of unironed clothes and a headline saying:
Auf diesen Seiten der Malteser Arbeitsgruppe NFP erfahren Sie vieles uber die Naturliche Familienplanung, SthFkz bwrcents; btuato mtkm= rheJ; fUtkz fuU r~Y centsgt rheJ; ~ulu Jt~u Ce =tuMe Ine ni.
CHINESE TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] = fuu [is less than] (*)ba?
Both readings boh [is less than] (*)bak and fuu [is less than] (*)ba?