FVSFlux Vector-Splitting
FVSFilm and Video Studies (various schools)
FVSFlash Video Streaming
FVSForest Vegetation Simulator (USDA Forest Service)
FVSFoto Video Service (various locations)
FVSFlorida Virtual School
FVSFacel Vega Sport (French carmaker)
FVSFlorida Vacation Station
FVSFighting Vehicle System
FVSFrance Vidéo Systems
FVSFreedomvoice Systems (Encinitas, CA)
FVSFoû d'Vos Sokètes (Belgian folklore group)
FVSForeign Visit System
FVSFetal Valproate Syndrome
FVSFormule Video Service (French: Formula Video Service)
FVSFetal Varicella Syndrome
FVSFlight Vehicle Simulator
FVSFlight Verification System
FVSFleet Weather Facility
FVSForensic and Valuation Services Center (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; formerly Business Valuation and Forensic Litigation Services Center)
FVSFight Victory School (gaming clan)
FVSFenizic Vexillological Society
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Bajo el paraguas de esa ley el FVS compitio con una segunda linea politica del peronismo provincial y logro superarla a traves de una alianza con el Movimiento Renovador Peronista.
Adicionalmente, los gestores coordinaron un acompanamiento al Convenio 646 con la Fundacion FUNFOSOIN que atendia la poblacion vulnerable en temas sociales, como salud, cultura y acompanamiento psicologico ( FVS, 2011).
Figueres 5, 6 and 7 summarize the results of the FVS inversion accomplished for the pre- and post-compaction data.
To estimate the nutrient adequacy of the diet, a Nutrient Adequacy Ratio (NAR) was calculated for the nine nutrients (Table 4) and regression analysis was done between the Mean Adequacy Ratio (MAR), the FVS and the DDS (Table 5).
Signalons que pour le Phedon (69ac), la seule monnaie qui est a echanger est la sagesse, idee qui pourrait s'inspirer du fragment FVS 22 B 80 D-K d'Heraclite (M.
In view of the history of maternal intake of VPA during pregnancy and the typical dysmorphic features, a diagnosis of FVS was made.
Scenario A is the harvest of the merchantable volume estimated by FVS.
Se encontraron puntajes mas altos de FVS y FVF en los grupos con: conocimiento de un segundo idioma, mayor cantidad de aros de escolaridad, mayor PCNM y edad entre los 30-44 anos.
DSESTS, which can't be procured, was fielded to perform off-vehicle testing of line replaceable units (LRU) and shop replaceable units (SRU) from the Bradley FVS and Mi-series tank.
Conspiracy Code," developed by FVS in collaboration with Orlando-based 360Ed, features character assignments that students take on to "interrogate and eliminate conspiracy agents, filling out logs detailing what they found, and then write a speech for the mayor explaining the truth to the public.
From this database, we extracted FVS as identified from Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes for: fruit and vegetable stores; supermarkets and grocery retail stores; and farm markets.