FWKFamilies for Waiting Keiki (Hawaii)
FWKFreie Waldorfschule Kreuzberg
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FWK utiliza la adquisicion tradicional de autores, la revision de pares y procesos creativos, pero ofrece cada libro que publica de forma gratuita con distribucion en linea, desde el paradigma de contenido abierto.
Ashby DR, Gale DP, Busbridge M, Murphy KG, Duncan ND, Cairns TD, Taube DH, Bloom SR, Tam FWK, Chapman R, Maxwell PH, and Choi P.
If the open-source models, such as employed by OKF and FWK, are successful and spread, the traditional publishing companies, wholesale distributors, retailers and companies like eCampus could be virtually removed from the textbook value chain.
The the black Honda moped - B712 FWK - was taken between 11pm on Monday and 8am yesterday.