FWMFour-Wave Mixing
FWMFirewall Services Module
FWMFirewall Manager
FWMFree Wheelchair Mission
FWMFabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
FWMFarm Waste Management (Ireland)
FWMFine With Me
FWMFast Web Media (UK)
FWMFachverband Werbung Und Marktkommunikation (Austrian Institute of the Advertising Industry, Vienna, Austria)
FWMFilter Wheel Mechanism
FWMFieldwork Manager (job; social work)
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This adjustment of pump power distribution has helped to severely improve the FWM efficiency, and therefore to increase the performance of the FOPA--approximately the same BER values were obtained in the amplified channels using by 24 % (by 324 mW) less pumping power in total.
We see youngsters who have never performed on stage before - they might only be 10 or 12-years-old - joining FWM and taking control of an audience of 300 people and holding the gaze of a full house in the palm of their hands.
Increasing channel spacing decreases FWM effect and decreases dispersion.
We assume that the new generated FWM wave is mainly depended on three nearest waves of the light, so the power [A.
Greater FWM concentrations of DN were observed in wheat/ cotton and wheat/soybean than in wheat/fallow and wheat/corn in 2009, but no significant differences were found among the four cropping systems in 2007 and 2008 (Table 2).
Since its founding, FWM has distributed enough chairs to provide mobility to over a half million people around the world.
This is important in a DWDM system with uniform carrier spacing [DELTA]f because the FWM products of mixing signals at f, f + [DELTA]f and f + 2[DELTA]f are signals at f-[DELTA]f, f + [DELTA]f and f + 3[DELTA]f, which directly coincide with carriers already at those frequencies.
ADA s FWM technology is being considered by NASA as a replacement technology for fire suppression on the next generation of manned spacecraft due to its advantages in performance, ease of cleanup, compatibility with on-board environmental systems, and ability to recharge during a mission.
Cuanto menor sea el espaciado, mayor sera la diafonia; ademas, el impacto de algunas no linealidades de la fibra, tales como FWM (mezclado de cuatro ondas), las incrementa.
They're available for a "free" trial from FWM Laboratories of Ft.
Yu and Mahony [4] are of the opinion that among all fibre nonlinearities, FWM and SRS are expected to be the dominant nonlinear effects in the amplifier WDM systems.
1999) was used to estimate the standard error of the FWM of P and N concentrations in hillslope runoff for plots with more than 6 sampled events per year.