FX2Second Generation Effects (film company)
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To learn more about how the Intel processor-powered Dell EMC PowerEdge FX2 architecture and FC640 servers can help datacenters adapt to ever-changing business needs, read the full report at http://facts.
The PowerEdge FX2 has demonstrated triple-digit percentage growth year-over-year in unit and revenue over the previous four quarters, contributing substantially to PowerEdge blade server gains, since its launch in 2014.
New FX2 NovaNet provides control of up to 160 Novatec receivers and 20 vacuum pumps.
A game like "Pinball FX2 VR" was rated as "comfortable.
On the Dell PowerEdge FX2 platform, Amulet Hotkey will deliver its existing dedicated PCoIP workstations for Finance and Defense applications by leveraging Pivot3's ability to support advanced virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions and provide virtual storage area network (SAN) storage within the same architecture.
23 packaging sizes FX2 Flexibility in product variety 3.
5 is significantly smaller than the FX2 and less costly.
5 fills the gap between the company's small FX1 and the powerful FX2 because it can handle up to 2" wide trim at speeds of up to 2,000 fpm.
Principled Technologies (PT) compared an on-premises Dell EMC PowerEdge FX2 solution featuring PowerEdge FC640 server nodes powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) configuration.
The update also adds support for Dell FX2 and VRTX, Lenovo Flex Servers and Chassis, as well as the Fujitsu iRMC S4 service processor.