FXBFrançois-Xavier Bagnoud Center (University of Michigan)
FXBFestival of Xtreme Building (Birmingham, England, UK)
FXBForeign Exchange Bureau
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As part of this effort, P&G will create an awareness campaign to reach at least 300 million people and will significantly expand its efforts to provide safe drinking water to people living with AIDS through new programs by AED, AMPATH, CARE, Child Fund International, FHI, FXB, International Council of Nurses, PSI, UNC- Chapel Hill Medical School, Village AIDS Clinics, and WorldVision by providing at least 250 million liters of safe drinking water to this vulnerable population.
Wave Field was built for the FXB (Francois-Xavier Bagnoud) Aerospace Building, named for a promising graduate student in the aerospace engineering department who died at 24 in a helicopter crash.
The book titled "Hopes Alive: Surviving AIDS and Despair" is published by FXB India Suraksha.
Faith Institute takes care of the school fees of five children; FXB provides for lunch for all of them; and the Khejdi Trust bears the medical and local transport bills.
FXB will shine an international spotlight on the pounds 6 billion regeneration of Birmingham's Eastside using artist-led processes, and a stream of internationally renowned architects and designers to engage and support residents during the evolution of their new urban environment.
Friedmann, the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Professor of Aerospace Engineering and director of the FXB Center for Rotary and Fixed Wing Air Vehicle Design at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
5 lakh per child to get her kids back," said Satya Prakash, Programme Manager at FXB Suraksha- Childline.
Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, The New School, May 2013.
Ivers, Division of Global Health Equity, FXB Building, 7th Floor, 651 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA; phone: +1 (617) 432 6942; fax: +1 (617) 432 6958; e-mail: livers@pih.
Users can learn about the AFXB's projects around the world by clicking on the map that appears by following the FXB at Work link on the home page.
Dr Dhruv Kazi, a cardiologist who is part of the University's FXB School of Public Health, says: " This shows that the government they can do it if they really focus on an event.