FXCForeign Exchange Committee (New York, NY)
FXCFabric for Extreme Conditions (Honda Element car seat fabric)
FXCFiber Cross-Connect
FXCFragile Course (band)
FXCFragile X-Chromosome
FXCFurries Exchanging Comics
FXCFTSE (Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange)/Xinhua China (finance)
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The FXC is an industry group and includes representatives of major financial institutions engaged in foreign exchange trading in the United States.
FXC Education package 3 offered an email sent every morning with our head trader s daily report on what he will be trading for the company that day , when in fact no-one traded on behalf of Apple;
103 Figure 9-22: Nickel-Based Cells 104 Figure 9-23: Reaction Mechanism of Sodium-based Cells 106 Figure 9-24: ZBB Energy's Zn/Br flow system 108 Figure 9-25: Principle of electric double-layer capacitor 109 Figure 9-26: Structures of capacitors 109 Figure 9-27: Principle of SMES 111 Figure 9-28: Structure of SMES system 112 Figure 9-29: Cost estimation of SMES as a function of stored energy 113 Figure 9-30: Fuel cell 114 Figure 9-31: Comparison of the Honda FXC Clarity with the BYD-E6 and Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicles 116 Figure 9-32: Platinum prices, 1992 t2011 .
To achieve a representative survey, the FXC invited 31 leading financial institutions active in the North American foreign exchange market to contribute data on the level of turnover during the month of October 2004.
The FXC includes representatives of major domestic and foreign commercial and investment banks engaged in foreign exchange transactions in the United States, as well as foreign exchange brokers.
The seven-year debt issue is listed under the ticker symbol FXC.