FXDHarley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide motorcycle model
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A closer examination of the scatter plots of the residuals and the independent variables revealed a possible non-linear relationship for FXD, FXLFXDR and DCLDCDR.
Both FXD and FXLFXDR together were intended to explain bank's supply with foreign currency, either through foreign currency deposits from residents, or, to the extent that there exist less FX deposits than FX loans (ie a
First, foreign currency deposits FXD was only significant in the GLS model.
As expected, the variable foreign currency deposits FXD was one of the main driving factors of household credit euroization.
With a new colour formulation, Lexan FXD resin met Osram's requirements for the candle bulb: high-impact resistance to avoid breakage; excellent light transmission for optimal brightness; translucence to hide internal components and provide a soft, flattering effect; maximum light scattering capability; compliance with glow wire ignition and ball pressure tests; UL94 V2 rating up to 1.
Equally important to this project was the high-performance of LEXAN FXD resin.
The Volkswagen Scirocco #116 with the Haldex FXD (Front Xross Drive) was driven by Volkswagen's Management Board Member for Technical Development, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg and the Head of Chassis Development of the Volkswagen Brand, Prof Dr Stefan Gies, as well as Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Manager of auto motor und sport Bernd Ostmann and senior sports editor of the Swiss automotive weekly Automobil Revue Peter Wyss.
The Haldex FXD prototype caused no technical down time and showed no signs of fatigue during the entire 24-hour race.
Without sacrificing engine power, BorgWarner s FXD technology pre-emptively avoids wheel slip and understeering to improve drivability.
BorgWarner s FXD technology provides high-performance vehicles with a unique fun-to-drive experience by delivering the right amount of torque exactly when and where it is needed, said Dr.
BorgWarner s FXD technology is capable of distributing a specific locking torque of up to 100 percent to either the right or left front wheel, depending on driving conditions.
Complementing our new range of fibre-optic products, PESA's innovative FXD optical routing switcher will enable us to offer compact, high-capacity distribution systems for use at bandwidths from 3 Mbit/s up to 40 Gbit/s.