FXRFarnesoid X-Activated Receptor (diabetes)
FXRFlash X-Ray
FXRFarnesyl X Receptor (antibodies)
FXRWinFax Pro Filename Extension Fax Received
FXRHarley-Davidson Super Glide motorcycle model
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They found similarities between Western diet intake and FXR deficiency.
The most advanced investigational compound is a potent, non-bile acid FXR agonist, which recently received Fast Track designation from the FDA and is in a Phase II clinical trial.
Chronic activation of FXR in transgenic mice caused perinatal toxicity and sensitized mice to cholesterol toxicity," Molecular Endocrinology, vol.
Study design: The role of FXR in triptolide-induced cytotoxicity was investigated in HepG2 cells.
Interestingly TCDF exposure influenced the FXR signaling pathway, but the connection with AHR remains unclear.
Other drugs have been developed that act on FXR pathways, but they affect several organs and have unwanted side effects.
Jesus Junior WC, Valadares Junior R, Cecilio RA, Moraes WB, Vale FXR, Alves FR, Paul PA (2008) Worldwide geograpbical distribution of Black Sigatoka for banana: predictions based on climate change models.
The substantial stock of FXR means that the Lebanese public sector was a net external creditor (on a residency basis) to the tune of 58 percent of GDP in 2009, while the public sector in the average "B" range sovereign was a net external debtor to the extent of 14 percent of GDP.
Meanwhile, in the technical paper program, Ticona Engineering Polymers (Florence, Kentucky, USA) is presenting its halogen-free/antimony-free flame-retarding Celanex FXR polyesters.
The most probable explanation involves the farsenoid X receptors (FXR), given that bile acids are natural ligands for intestinal and hepatic FXR, and also that FXR "deactivation" by BAS may lead to increased liver X receptor (LXR) activity, which may lower glucose, lower LDL-C, and increase HDL-C, but raise triglyceride (TG) levels.
Nathaniel has signed a contract with Ski-Doo, FXR Industries and Spy Optics.