FYDPFive-Year Defense Plan
FYDPFive-Year Defense Program
FYDPFive Year Development Plan (various organizations)
FYDPFiscal Year Defense Plan
FYDPFarm Youth Development Program (Philippines)
FYDPFuture Years Defense Program/Plan
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You will not see a robust modernization program in the so-called current FYDP.
With the final go-ahead from the using command, programs are laid into the FYDP portfolio in preparation for the upcoming budgeting and execution phases.
The flexibility provided by last fall's budget deal allowed us to maintain DoD's desired targets across the FYDP for end-strength and active-reserve mix for our ground forces--without it, sequestration likely would have forced further reductions.
The Air Force shifts its entire MQ-9 Reaper drone procurement ($450 million of FY17 spending) to the war account, although it also sought savings by downsizing the program of record by 14 aircraft later in the FYDP.
This plan as the third FYDP is designed by the state of president Khatami.
Enforcing an affordability cap is potentially more involved than a NM breach process in that an affordability analysis must consider the total life-cycle costs of the program, not just the availability of funds within the FYDP.
In developing the 5th FYPD, policy makers failed to learn from the outcomes of the 4th FYDP and based the remainder of the 20-year vision upon feeble, quivering pillars.
The net savings across the FYDP would include the $10M MSG-3 study cost and the $41.
This latter point is important because industry projects in the FYDP would provide industry with more certainty about which systems will actually enter production and allow them to plan accordingly.
He declined, however, to provide even an estimate of the funding in the FYDP or of how much such a program would cost overall.
As a result, the DoD has adjusted its 1999 FYDP to reduce the risk of funds shifting from procurement to operating expenses.
The new budget request will add an extra littoral combat ship, while cutting a frigate that would have been purchased after 2021, committing the Navy to 33 LCS and frigates within the FYDP and seven frigates forecast outside of the FYDP, for a total of 40 ships.