FYDPFive-Year Defense Plan
FYDPFive-Year Defense Program
FYDPFive Year Development Plan (various organizations)
FYDPFiscal Year Defense Plan
FYDPFarm Youth Development Program (Philippines)
FYDPFuture Years Defense Program/Plan
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4 billion over the FYDP, to support development and procurement of 14 littoral combat ships over the FYDP" including three LCS in FY 2016.
The net savings across the FYDP of 5 years would include the $10M MSG-3 study cost and the $47.
The second FYDP is the next 10 years, are really focused by what we call strategic portfolio reviews.
A new FYDP period starts each biennium, thus constituting a rolling coverage of the future.
This FYDP as the first plan was designed by the state of president Hashemi.
The promotion plan is projected out through the FYDP to ensure the community will remain within the promotion limitations.
It's really about capturing strategic priorities and projecting funding requirements across the FYDP.
Description of national project plan : Under consideration in the FYDP 2011/12 to 2015/16
4 billion for it over the FYDP; seven KC-46 tankers in 2015 and 69 aircraft over the FYDP; $1 billion over the FYDP for a next-generation jet engine; a 288-ship Navy in 2014 which is proposed to grow to about 309 ships over the FYDP; two Virginia-class submarines and two DDG-51 guided-missile destroyers per year over the FYDP; three littoral combat ships in 2015 and 14 total over the FYDP; a Marine Corps end strength of 182,700 in 2015; 32 active Army brigade combat teams and 28 Army National Guard brigade combat teams; $7.
In this case, acquisition and operational costs are pushed into the out-years beyond the FYDP resulting in a "bow wave" of cost, which can eventually result in quantity reduction or program cancellation.
GDP performance has also been inadequate during the initial years of the 5th FYDP.