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FYEFor Your Entertainment
FYEFirst Year Experience
FYEFiscal Year End
FYEFor Your Earth (shoe)
FYEFor Your Eyes (CSD-TV magazine)
FYEFor Your Enjoyment
FYEFunding Your Education
FYEFor Your Edification
FYEFull Year Effect
FYEFor Your Education
FYEFirst Year Enrichment
FYEFull Year Estimate (finance)
FYEFor Your Enlightenment
FYEFirst Year English (various schools)
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IGC's GAAP consolidated statements for FYE 2008, include only three weeks of revenue and earnings, derived from the subsidiaries, specifically for the period since the acquisitions were consummated March 7, 2008 to the end of the reporting period March 31, 2008.
The FYE 05 exception is due in large part to the remainder of the $1.
With flexible service pricing options and access to a broad range of wireless content applications, XE Mobile is available through a variety of distribution channels including FYE music stores, Sam Goody, Spec's Music, Suncoast Movies and Wherehouse.
However, most of this space was successfully released with FYE 2003 occupancy stabilized at 88%, as compared to 90% at FYE 2002.
The property's performance has declined since issuance with a FYE 2003 DSCR of 1.
We are excited to assist FYE in offering their customers easy access to a host of great entertainment products, including music, movies, games," said Sherman Atkinson, President of BuyServices.
FYE continuously works to bring live entertainment to our customers by creating opportunities for our customer's to meet today's biggest recording artists at our FYE locations throughout the country," said Fred Fox, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising for Trans World Entertainment/FYE.
The loan is collateralized by a retail center in Smithers, BC and reported an FYE 2003 DSCR of 0.
WHAT: FYE (For Your Entertainment) presents a personal appearance and CD signing by Jewel.
From FYE 2002 to FYE 2003, the company grew more than 600 percent, from $1.
s mall based brand, FYE -- for your entertainment -- announces the sponsorship of seven concert venues this summer in the Albany and Philadelphia areas as well as two national tours and two music festivals.