FYEOFor Your Eyes Only (security plugin for Microsoft Outlook by TouchSafe International)
FYEOFor Your Eyes Only
FYEOFor Your Eyes Only (James Bond movie)
FYEOFirst Year Experience Office
FYEOFor Your Ears Only
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FYEO manager Scott Smith insisted the club would be subtle and discreet.
Calgon Carbon and FYEO have been competitors in the sale of jewelry boxes through a common retailer.
Mr Willison believes there is enough business in the city for both the new 200-capacity Fantasy Lounge and FYEO.
The group has instead transferred the FYEO assets into a new company, separated from SFI, where it can operate as a stand-alone business, allowing the management to raise bank finance to develop the business at arms length from SFI.
We realise FYEO is controversial for some people, but we look on it purely as a business venture and this is very much a growth sector at this moment in time.
The Ladhar Group has assumed immediate control of the FYEO venues at Newcastle, Bournemouth, Croydon and Park Royal, London, in a move which sees the Tyneside-based group expand outside its North-East heartland for the first time.
38am staff at FYEO contacted police by a Pub Watch radio system.
The 25-year-old from Sunderland is one of the original dancers, having been with FYEO since it opened.
But director Glenn Nicie hit back and claimed there had been "no problems" since FYEO opened in November 2001.
The Chronicle was unable to contact FYEO director Glenn Nicie for comment.
Always ones for the unusual, previous parties have been staged at such venues as varied as the Baltic Art Gallery and lap-dancing club FYEO.