FYFFirst Year Free (various companies)
FYFFind Your Feet (British charity)
FYFFirst Year Forum (various organizations)
FYFFauquier Youth Football (Bealeton, VA)
FYFFeed Your Flock
FYFForty Yard Fakeout (band)
FYFFor your Fun
FYFFano Yacht Festival
FYFForeningen af Yngre Forskere (Copenhagen, Denmark)
FYFFace Your Fear (gaming)
FYFFashoda Youth Forum (Nairobi, Kenya)
FYFFacing Your Future (Calvin Seminary program, Grand Rapids, MI)
FYFFull Year Forecast
FYFFor Your File
FYFFortify Your Faith (Stockton, CA)
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With no change to daily behavior, FB Users can easily enhance their food posts with sought-after recipes upon the request of friends, or whenever the mood hits," says Barry Kaye, creator of FYF.
FYF also offers a Virtual Chef Competition by attributing a score based on a proprietary algorithm that rates recipes and ranks authors based on the social activity of recipes shared to FB.
FYF offers dedicated sponsorships to brands, who find FYF Chefs that match with their brand profile based on their high social metrics and their category of recipe offering.
The company behind FYF, DadsPlan LLC, with Barry Kaye as President, is run by like-minded people who are not only foodies, but also FB Foodies, intent on making the world's largest social platform more food friendly.
To spread the word, Hoelting and Carlson will have information booths throughout FYF festival grounds.
It's a drop in the bucket in a multibillion dollar budget deficit," said Jerry Emory, director of communications for the nonprofit California State Parks Foundation in Sacramento, which is working with FYF Fest to provide information to concertgoers.
Emory said events such as FYF Fest are instrumental in raising awareness, especially among young people.
It's the first time FYF Fest has been held at a park.
A primary purpose for this study was to assess whether FYF materials increased student knowledge of personal finance.
FYF was developed with the expectation that teachers would be trained to use both the DVDs and accompanying classroom lessons.
The FYF teachers who tested their students received about three to four hours of training during Fall 2006.
The results for this study are based on a sample of eight hundred students (673 FYF and 127 controls) who took both the pretest and posttest instruments and provided background data.