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FYMFor Your Misinformation
FYMForth Yacht Marina (boat showroom; Scotland, UK)
FYMFace Your Manga (website)
FYMFayyum (Egyptian autombile license plate)
FYMFarmyard Manure
FYMFree Your Mind
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Lisa Roberts, of Farming Connect, said: "The nutrient content of slurry and FYM can vary considerably from farm to farm depending on the number and type of livestock, the diet and type of bedding.
Thus, the addition of organic matter, either in form of FYM or crop residue after every crop, may be preferred to improve and sustain the soil physical conditions for optimum crop growth.
There was little or no effect of variety or FYM on DTPA-Fe in soils with time during waterlogging up to 21 days (Fig.
This increase in SOC following application of NPK+ FYM and NPK was associated with the addition of a higher amount of plant residues and root biomass C to the fertilised (NPK+FYM and NPK) soils than in the unfertilised, conventionally cultivated ones (Table 3) because of a significantly higher crop yield under the former than under the latter management.
Mitchell says that this reality only fuels her mission to grow FYM Logic.
The NRE includes diesel, electricity, chemicals, fertilizers and machinery, and the RE consists of human labor, seeds, water and FYM.
Thus, the objectives of this study were: (i) to quantify the effects of fertilisation on C sequestration and to establish a relationship between annual C addition and storage; and (ii) to measure the role of soybean wheat system in stabilising added C through FYM and crop residues under 2 distinct management practices (soybean and wheat crops were grown under residual fertility in the irrigated and rainfed soybean-wheat cropping systems, respectively) in 2 contrasting soil types (silty clay loam and sandy loam, respectively) under the subtemperate climate of the Indian Himalayas.
The scoring on soil improvement was assigned to responses on FYM (50) and compost (25) use and green manuring (25) knowledge and behaviour questions.
Before sowing, the field had received dressings of slurry and FYM as well as a compound fertiliser 20.
Tenders are invited for Supply of FYM and Jamna sand in parks in sector 1 and HBC sector 1 Rohtak