FYPEFive Year Plan Entertainment
FYPEFife Youth Percussion Ensemble (UK)
FYPEFife Youth Percussion Orchestra (Scotland)
FYPEFype Is for Your Program Execution (recursive akronym of a scripting language)
FYPEFree Yak Programmed for ELF
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4 billion in FYPE in September, up a whopping 88% year-on-year, with its cumulative FYPE totaling NT$60 billion in the first nine months, up 56% from a year earlier.
98 million) in FYPE (first year premium equivalent) in August, according to statistics compiled by the Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII).
To encourage domestic life insurers to sell longer-term commodities and installment protection-based life insurance coverage, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) adopts the FYPE, in addition to first year premium, to gauge performance of life insurers.