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FYROMFormer Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia
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We believe the use of the acronym of FYROM is a downright insult to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.
The EE group encompasses the 9 Greek isolates with referenced viral sequences from FYROM, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Montenegro.
NORTH WALES COAST MATCHES Sep 3 - Hestrafors 1-1 (Harper); Sep 1 - Eastern Region 1-2 (Hay); Aug 30 - South East FYROM 0-1.
Since 1991, I have been deployed to three operational sites: Desert Storm, Bosnia, and FYROM.
The Macedonian honeymoon with FYROM with columns in which say that the language will be defined, with nationality of the citizens of FYROM will end, Kostovska writes.
As regards the total share of people in their own business, Cyprus ranked sixth in Europe behind Greece (32%), Italy (23%) and Poland, Romania and FYROM (18%).
As regards the total share of people in their own business, Cyprus ranked sixth in Europe behind Greece (32 per cent), Italy (23 per cent) and Poland, Romania and fYROM (18 per cent).
Currently Litex Motors exports its produce to FYROM and Italy and expects to start exports to Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic by the end of the year.
A dynamic conclusion was adopted and an accelerated pace was defined to revitalize the integration of FYROM with reconsideration of the progress this spring," Koktsidis says and adds that for the first time the neighboring country, besides reforms, has the obligation to restore good neighborly relations with Greece and Bulgaria.
The current debates are about Macedonia's accession into NATO under the FYROM reference," said Aliti adding that there is no rational explanation for the Government's irrational conduct in connection to the name issue.
Macedonia argued that the 1995 UN-brokered Interim Accord obliges Athens not to block its accession to international organisations so long it uses its provisonal name of former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM.
authorities in FYROM and is expected to be completed in early 2012.