FZAFree Zone Authority
FZAFree Zone America
FZAFernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt (Austria's Telecommunications Authority)
FZAFischer Zykon Anchor (fixing technology)
FZAFresnel Zone Antenna
FZAFrank Zambaras & Associates (management consultancy)
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Through FZA's experience using Profiles products in its own business and the effectiveness the firm has observed in clients' companies who use Profiles assessments, FZA has chosen to align itself with a trusted partner to recommend these products to their clients.
Through this alliance, FZA can assist companies in resolving issues related to employee turnover, poor job fit, hit-and-miss hiring practices, poor work ethic, ineffective managers, substandard productivity, high absenteeism, poor response to stress and conflict, poor customer service, dishonest employees and inadequate team development.
FZA connects clients with a Profiles specialist who helps to clearly identify objectives, issues and needs and then presents solutions to address each.
Businesses looking for solutions to better select, motivate and manage human talent may call Scott Sorenson at FZA, LLC at 402-496-9100.