FZLNFrente Zapatista de Liberción Nacional (Spanish: Zapatista National Liberation Front, México)
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Today, through the intermediation of the FZLN or other friendly groups and individuals, Marcos and the EZLN regularly send messages to others around the world, including, for example, messages to a European-wide demonstration in Amsterdam against Maastricht and unemployment, to an Italian gathering in Venice against regional separatism or to a conference of media activists in New York.
The march preceded a week of meeting during which the Zapatistas founded a political arm, the Zapatista National Liberation Front -- FZLN -- with the aim of making indigenous concerns part of the national political debate.
The EZLN, the FZLN, and other supporters of the Zapatista rebels view Plan Puebla-Panama as an "extension and deepening" of the neoliberal economic model introduced by the long-governing Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) in 1982 and carried out by the Fox government.