FZPFresnel Zone Plate
FZPFast Zero Power (Philips Semiconductors)
FZPFractured Zona Pellucida
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Sixty Blab/C mice (half male and half female) were randomly and equally divided into a control group, a model group, a FZP group or one of three doses of DBT treatment groups (n = 10 for each group).
5F, the hematopoietic tissue in the FZP group (positive control group) decreased as compared to animals in the control group, however, it increased as compared to animals in the model group, the blood sinus were rich.
The FZP pattern is deeply etched in the upper surface of a double-layer substrate.
For the FZP with a stratified structure substrate, we replace U under the integral in Equation (4b) with [U.
The FZP grating is etched in the glass slab of thickness [h.
With the purpose of validating the model developed on in this paper, we shall compare the previous results with the simulation results provided by the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for the considered FZP.
Although we have focused our attention in the last part of the paper on the MDECBFZP's working by transmission, we must emphasize that our method can be profitably implemented for the reflection FZPs, especially for the FZP's with a high aspect ratio and a multilayer structure substrate.
The Philips' FZP design technique eliminates the use of sense amps to overcome capacitive loading in the product term array.
Philips' FZP design technique offers low power with no impact on performance, while competing devices require designers to choose between high performance and low power.