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FABEFood Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Ohio State University)
FABEFunctionally Active Biocompatible Encapsulation (sensors)
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Fabe concluded that Rindner "took into account the concerns we articulated in Jones in determining whether to order production of the income tax returns" and "determined that they were relevant to show potential bias.
The Court's decision in Fabe comes at a time when a strong effort to subvert the traditional state role of regulating insurance companies for solvency is being made in Congress.
The year began with a webcast hosted by The Ohio State University College of Engineering with Jacobsen and two OSU FABE students, Monica Okon and Kaley Core, among the panelists.
His daughters Tatiana, 21, Maria,19, centu out-o In cate andr Bolsh Fabe ArmOn were inber and Anastasia, 17, were the last to die.
Pauline Kael, for instance, highlights the way in which Cocteau's Orphee is "inventive and enigmatic as a dream"; and Marilyn Fabe draws attention to 8 1/2's deployment of a "strange, stylized mise-enscene" and adaptation of a quintessential modernist technique--stream-of-consciousness narration"--which confused even her on a first viewing (152).
Fabe, the Supreme Court established a three-pronged test for determining whether the McCarran-Ferguson Act's reverse-preemption provision applies.
Moore's voting patterns are now academic insofar as determining the future path of the Alaska Supreme Court because he was replaced by Justice Dana Fabe in March 1996.
in Advertising Design from The University of Cincinnati and studied drawing and watercolor under Robert Fabe, Louis Rockwood and Reginald Grooms.
We have put that aside because if you start thinking about that you can go too fabe get thrashed like we did last time out.
110; necklace, $200, and earrings, $32, both by Fabe.
This is a clever three-movement piece, the vigorous outer movements using what Panufnik admits is an old trick, the band's initials FABE forming the basis of a series of themes.
I feel privileged to be chosen for the scholarship and I will endeavor to make the company proud," said Penda Theophile Kunangia, a Fabe student also attending Catholic University Institute of the Diocese of Buea.