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FACILFacil pour l'Appropriation Collective de l'Informatique Libre (French, Québec)
FACILFlorida Association of Centers for Independent Living (est. 1990)
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But mark what I arreede thee now, avant; Flie thither whence thou fledst: if from this houre Within these hallowd limits thou appeer, Back to th' infernal pit I drag thee chaind, And Seale thee so, as henceforth not to scorne The facil gates of hell too slightly barrd.
Ingles: Facil y Divertido Basico Nivel 1: Fundaciones is the first book to be published out of a series of 20.
Titled "Es Facil Ser Hombre" ("It's Easy Being a Man"), the campaign is comprised of three new TV spots featuring light-hearted, real-life situations that are relatable to men, showcasing how they use their ingenuity, wit and humor to resolve these without losing their caracter.
Ana, Julia y Cristina que nos lo hicieron todo mas facil y que con ellas aprendimos a sortear todas las dificultades.
Between 2001 and 2005, the number of Exporta Facil shipments grew to 16,509 from 6,745.
El equipo mostrado en esta literatura incluye, una prensa de resbalado de vuelta, completamente automatica; La prensa de inclinado de vuelta es suficientemente flexible para manejar producciones de neumaticos para OTR, para camiones y para carros de pasajeros; La prensa hidraulica Cure Rite es de gran rendimiento, facil mantenimiento y produce neumaticos sin defectos.
In addition, he says that Zajonc neglects to consider that facil movements are invaluable feedback tools for infants; expressions serve to signal their needs and develop a bond with the mother or other caregiver.
GOL was founded in 2001 and includes five brands - GOL, Varig, Smiles, Voe Facil and Gollog.
Eat - Facil is the restaurant in the uber-elegant Mandala Hotel.
La tarea que enfrenta el GDP no es facil, explico Vahan Zanoyan, jefe ejecutivo de La consultora PFC Energy en Washington.
An interim report for Staffordshire County Council says: "With the development of the arboretum site, there has been increased interest in the long-term restoration of mineral workings in the area and the potential that this would have for creating facil ities for water recreation and nature conservation.
Agency : 3A-CEMAC Transp Transit Facil (FY07) International