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FADSFetal Akinesia Deformation Sequence
FADSForce Administration Data System
FADSFly Away Diving System
FADSFinancial Accounting Data Sheet
FADSFlush Air Data Sensing System (aircraft)
FADSFlorida Association of District School Superintendents
FADSFMS Automated Data System
FADSFinesse Academy of Dancesport (Hanover, MA)
FADSFamiliares y Amigos en Contra de la Delincuencia y el Secuestro
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FAO worked with 20 communities as well as federal and regional ministries in Somalia to identify the deployment locations and ensure that the FADs would be accepted and well used.
FADs are manmade devices that are placed 70 to 150 miles offshore, usually on top of sea mounts where billfish already gather.
The king of these fads is Harvey and Marilyn Diamond's Fit for Life, the paperback edition of which claims it's "Americas All-Time No.
The ACCC is varying the FADs for the Unconditioned Local Loop Service (ULLS), the Line Sharing Service (LSS), the Local Carriage Service (LCS), and the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) service.
Additional Health-Related Food Ordering Trends Besides identifying food fads and where they're most concentrated, GrubHub's health trend analysis also uncovered additional insights about health food-ordering habits:
5 MORRISONS: Some awareness, but a great deal of their tuna comes from fishing boats using FADs.
While many fads are harmless - coloring hair with Kool-Aid or shoe polish won't make it fall out - others can be irritating or leave permanent damage.
Nearshore FADs impact local communities by providing easy access to these species and can be reached by canoe users.
Canada Safeway's commitment to switch to skipjack caught without harmful FADS, move away from Redlisted yellowfin tuna and vow not to source its skipjack from proposed marine reserves of the Pacific Ocean highlights the type of progressive action needed to ensure tuna fish for the future," said Sarah King, Greenpeace Canada's oceans campaign coordinator.
7 PRINCES No restrictions on FADs and tins don't say how the fish was caught.
But there are signs, ominous to many nutritionists and physicians, that many people are so discouraged and cynical that they're turning their backs on the experts and embracing the old familiar, easy fad diets of the past - diets that promised miracles but were in many cases dangerous.
I recorded no significant treatment effect attributable to differences between FADs with artificial fish, FADs deployed with artificial-fish-sized weights, or control FADs.