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FQAFédération Québécoise d'Athlétisme (French: Quebec Federation of Athletics; Quebec, Canada)
FQAFull Quality Assurance
FQAFastener Quality Act
FQAFédération Québécoise de l'Autisme (Canadian autism federation; Quebec, Canada)
FQAFinal Quality Assurance
FQAFrequently Questionated Acronym
FQAFrequently Questioned Answers
FQAFloristic Quality Assessment (ecological integrity)
FQAFiber Quality Analyzer
FQAFood Quality Assurance (USDA)
FQAFair Queuing Algorithm
FQAFormat Quality Assurance (various companies)
FQAFixed Quality Area
FQAFixed Quota Allocation (UK)
FQAField Quality Assurance
FQAFully Qualified Account
FQAFunctional Quality Assurance
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The nonpreemptive version Weighted Fair Queuing algorithm is proposed for packet network scheduling.
The major advantage of weighted round robin algorithm over the weighted fair queuing algorithm is there is no need to maintain a priority queue in weighted round robin algorithm.
Table 1 is shown various fair queuing algorithms, we can use these algorithms to offer the same opportunity to use common resources for users.