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FAKTFotograficzna Agencja Krzysztofa Tomasika (Polish: Krzysztofa Tomasika Photography Agency)
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It is also important to highlight that many local businessmen and small to medium-sized companies can not participate in the international exhibitions abroad, therefore, ever since FAKT Exhibitions began arranging such exhibitions in Pakistan, the local industry, manufacturers and companies also reaped great benefits from seeing latest machines and technologies in the digital textile and signage industry.
Dalsim pozitivem, ktere s timto pojetim uzce souvisi, je fakt, ze autor si dobre uvedomuje, ze soucasti povedomi o danem oboru nejsou pouze informace o jeho teoretickych vychodiscich apod.
The footage had first been leaked to Fakt, a Polish tabloid, from where it went viral.
The show hosted by FAKT Exhibitions Pvt Ltd was organised jointly with Food + Technology, Pakistan and International Food Equipment and Technology.
3P Plas Print Pack Pakistan 2014 (UFI approved event) was organized by FAKT Exhibitions (Private) Limited from 18th to 20th March at the Karachi Expo Center - Pakistan.
The event was hosted by Fakt ExhibitionsS (PVT) LTD and marketed by ApnaPlot.
Glue components like Poly vinyl acetate, Urea Formaldehyde, paraffin wax (PW) and pellet hardener (PH) were purchased from the FAKT International cooperation.
Dalsou vyhodou tejto metody je fakt, ze DEA spociva vo vyjadreni efektivnosti relativne vzhl'adom na vsetky jednotky v skumanej mnozine.
Oma andmeterohketes ja uldistusjoulistes kasitlustes uhendab ta oskuslikult poliitilise, kultuuri- ning ideeajaloo temaatika, tahtsustades niisuguseid ajaloouurimise pohikategooriaid, nagu meetod, fakt, historiograafia, allikakriitika ja allikate publitseerimine.
EGO and all exhibitions organized by FAKT Exhibitions are unique of its kind because genuine buyers and investors including foreign partake in the trade fair and launch their products and solutions for local markets.
The tabloid Fakt declared the plane a "Technical miracle from America" in a front-page headline.
the ultra-conservative and nationalistic daily newspapers Nasz Dziennik (14) (circulation about 150,000); the circulation of the tabloid-style Fakt, the biggest-selling paper in the country is about 450,000, and the circulation of Gazeta Wyborcza, the leading newspaper, is about 330,000; (13)