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FDRFranklin Delano Roosevelt
FDRFoncière des Régions (French real estate investment trust company)
FDRFlight Data Recorder
FDRFalse Discovery Rate
FDRFixed Deposit Reciept
FDRForum Deutsches Recht (German: German Law Forum)
FDRFormal Dining Room
FDRFreedom Debt Relief (consumer finance)
FDRFahr Dynamik Regelung
FDRFull-Depth Reclamation (road resurfacing procedure)
FDRFondo di Rotazione (Italian: Revolving Fund)
FDRFull Dress Rehearsal (various organizations)
FDRFinal Design Review
FDRFirst Degree Relative
FDRFrequency Domain Reflectometry
FDRFrente Democrático Revolucionario (Spanish: Democratic Revolutionary Front)
FDRFull-Depth Repair (pavement restoration technique)
FDRFirst Data Resources
FDRFirst Tier, Downstream or Related Entity (healthcare compliance)
FDRFlood Damage Reduction
FDRFlow Data Record
FDRFederal Dispute Resolution
FDRFinal Drive Ratio (automotive)
FDRFull Disclosure Report
FDRFront Desk Representative (various organizations)
FDRFranklyn D. Resorts (Jamaica)
FDRFace Down Records
FDRFlood Damage Rehabilitation (various organizations)
FDRFrequency Directed Run-Length
FDRForeign Disaster Relief
FDRFranklin Delano Romanowski (Seinfeld character)
FDRFraudulent Document Recognition (various organizations)
FDRFirearm Discharge Residue (forensic science)
FDRFree Domain Radio (website)
FDRFailure Divergence Refinement
FDRFlorida Department of Revenue (also seen as FDOR)
FDRFuture Digital Radio
FDRFlight Deck Resources (aviation; Irvine, CA)
FDRField Data Replicator (Vibration Research Corporation)
FDRFault Detection Rate
FDRFormal Design Review
FDRFinnish Depositary Receipt
FDRFloating Drilling Rig
FDRField Data Report
FDRFarnam Defensive Rifle
FDRFuture Data Radio
FDRFirst Day Return
FDRFailure Discrepancy Report
FDRFlight Data Review
FDRForce Distribution Report
FDRFast Dump and Restore (Innovation product)
FDRFunctional Design Requirement
FDRFrequency Dynamic Range
FDRFixed Directory Routing
FDRFrequency Domain Refractometer
FDRForce Development Requirements
FDRForward Door Relay
FDRFire Discharge Residual (firearms)
FDRFull-Duplex Relaying
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Male and Female dolicephalic median thickness values in millimeters, and corresponding False Discovery Rate (FDR) multiple comparison between anterior, middle and posterior cells in the same level Superior, Middle and Inferior of the reference grid.
Controlling the false discovery rate provides a computationally straightforward approach to interpretation of multiple hypothesis tests.
An investigation of the false discovery rate and the misinterpretation of p-values.
Many published manuscripts, including high-profile publications in Nature and other journals, did not apply false discovery rate (FDR) assessment methods suitable for proteogenomics.
However, these differences in gray matter volume were no longer statistically significant after the application of false discovery rate (FDR) correction.
This difference remained significant after adjusting for false discovery rate (P = .
Recent advances in biostatistics; false discovery rates, survival analysis, and related topics.
0194, Which was calculated using the false discovery rate for multiple comparisons (Benjamini & Hochberg 1995).
In this paper, we describe and compare some of the methods used for pairwise comparison from genomic experiments, controlling the false discovery rate and the assumption in the density distribution (normal vs.
False discovery rate paradigms for statistical analysis of microarray gene expression data.
Significance thresholds were obtained by permuting haplotypes to phenotypes and by using a false discovery rate procedure.
Alternatively, because identifying reasons for failure of a joint hypothesis is an a posteriori exercise, one could apply the methods of False Discovery Rate (Benjamini and Hochberg 1995; Benjamini and Liu 1999; Yekutieli and Benjamini 1999; Kwong, Holland, and Cheung 2002; Sarkar 2004; Ghosh, Chen, and Raghunathan 2005) or Empirical Bayes Factors (Efron et al.