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FLDCFlorida Department of Corrections
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FLDCFamily Life Development Center (Cornell University, New York)
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FLDCFinancial Leadership Development Club (New Jersey)
FLDCFlorida League of Defense Contractors
FLDCFlexible Learning Development Centre (Aston University; UK)
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Named for famed researcher Urie Bronfenbrenner, a co-founder of the national Head Start program and a world-renowned developmental psychologist who died in 2005, the BCTR formed July 1 with the merger of two longstanding Cornell centers: the Family Life Development Center and the Bron fenbrenner Life Course Center.
James Garbarino, director of the Family Life Development Center at Cornell University, wrote: `All systems run on energy.
The Doris Lecture is named for the late John Doris, professor emeritus of human development and founding director of the Family Life Development Center.
This fall, the College of Human Ecology will open the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR), an initiative that will merge two longstanding successful college centers: the Family Life Development Center and the Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center.
Jennifer Sarah Tiffany, Family Life Development Center
This is a preeminent example of using research to impact policy and programs," said John Eckenrode, director of the Family Life Development Center (FLDC) and co-author of several studies that have followed the original group of children enrolled in the program.
Undergraduate research assistants working with Janis Whitlock, a research scientist in the Family Life Development Center, have developed a new set of outreach materials about young people who self-injure.
Convinced that positive youth development was the way to go, the health department funded the ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, which is housed in the College of Human Ecology's Family Life Development Center, to provide technical assistance, evaluation and training, and to act as a clearinghouse for best practices and resources.
The National Institute of Nursing Research awarded a $400,000 grant to the Family Life Development Center to investigate whether urban teens who become highly involved in community programs are less likely to become infected with HIV.
In keeping with that mission, the college's Family Life Development Center is coordinating materials to help Army families cope with the stresses and problems created when a family member is deployed.
One outcome for the Marine Corps was the creation of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, which now contracts for MVP-MC directly with the Family Life Development Center (FLDC).
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