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FPAMFinancial Planning Association of Malaysia
FPAMFamily Planning Association of Maine (Augusta, ME)
FPAMForum des Professeurs Agrégés du Maroc (French: Aggregated Teachers Forum in Morocco)
FPAMFire Prevention Association of Massachusetts (est. 1974)
FPAMFire Protection Association Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
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This report summarizes an evaluation of pregnancy rates for persons aged 15-19 years in Maine and an assessment of clinical and behavioral factors that may have contributed to decreasing rates during 1980-1996 by the Maine Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health (MBH); the Family Planning Association of Maine (FPA); and CDC.
Reported by: E Kieltyka, Family Planning Association of Maine, Augusta; J Foster, F Antonicci, Maine Dept of Education; F Wolman, MD, 0 Hall, MN, B Corkum, DA Mills, MD, Bur of Health, Maine Dept of Human Svs, Div of Reproductive Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Div of Health Promotion Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics; Div of Applied Public Health and Training (proposed), Epidemiology Program Office; and an EIS Officer, CDC.
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