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FVFuture Value
FVFruit and Vegetable (diet)
FVFront View
FVFarmville (simulation game)
FVFantasy Violence
FVFountain Valley (California)
FVFinite Volume
FVFair Value
FVFace Value
FVFishing Vessel
FVFluidez Verbal (Spanish: Verbal Fluency)
FVFederal Vision (theology)
FVFunk Volume (record label)
FVFamily Voices (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
FVFalcon View (US Air Force)
FVFighting Vehicle (military personnel vehicle; UK)
FVFlow Volume (medicine)
FVFunnel Viscosity (petroleum)
FVFamily Video
FVFull Vacuum
FVFlow Valve (industrial control description)
FVFirm Value
FVFixed-Length Vector
FVFinal Vowel
FVFunker Vogt (band)
FVFits Viewer
FVField Validation
FVField Verification (Census)
FVFunctional Validation
FVFighting Vipers (Sega game)
FVFort Vancouver
FVFile Viewing
FVFaye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop character)
FVFollowing Vehicle
FVFeitelijke Vereniging (Dutch)
FVFiel Vergnügen
FVFolio Verso (Latin: on the back of the page)
FVFernando Valenzuela (basebal player)
FVForward Visibility ____ (Miles)
FVFixed-to-Variable Length Coding
FVFiring Velocity
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This documentary tells the story of the twins'lives via previously unseen family video footage in which they confide their private thoughts about the separation attempt.
With special DVD features that will provide kids with hours of laughter, Kangaroo Jack is a must-have family video," points out Mike Saksa, WHV senior vice president of U.
Based on the award-winning and best-selling Classical Kids compact disc of the same name, Beethoven Lives Upstairs was hailed upon its original release in 1992 as "a video masterpiece" by the Boston Herald and "the best new family video to appear in a long time" by the Ottawa Citizen.
Kesti last month opened Family Video & Pizza on the southern edge of Coburg, a town well-known for antique shops.
What I am doing is I am doing a family video of what could well be my father's last campaign,' said the young woman, who had no Press accreditation.
Using professional, if antiquated, equipment donated by a local TV station, this is the Holy Family video ministry -- 48 people, half of them students, make up a production crew whose work is broadcast three times a week on three local cable channels -- to the shut-ins, elderly and sick.
Sunrise Family Video offers customers the option of cutting the scene in which Kate Winslet poses nude and another that suggests Leonardo DiCaprio and Winslet's characters have sex.
SIR Chris Hoy has shared a touching family video of his daredevil son showing off his bike skills.
On March 23, YouTube channel The Family Video Gamers shared (https://www.
Many of TomCat's films can be seen on Netflix, InDemand, Family Video, Best Buy, Amazon and other establishments in the US/Canada and around the world.
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