FAMMFuel and Marine Marketing (now Chevron Global Marine Products; ChevronTexaco)
FAMMFluorescence Alteration of Multiple Macerals (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Australia)
FAMMFamiles against Mandatory Minimums
FAMMFacial Artery Musculo-Mucosal Flap
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Famm compares the process of "reading and writing" electrical impulses passing through bundles of nerves to that of signaling in communication cables transporting digital information.
You've got to give him credit for being willing to stick his neck out and change," says Stewart, the president of FAMM.
See Johnson, supra note 219, at 2A (describing rioting at federal prisons in response to failure of Congress to equalize sentences for powder cocaine and crack cocaine offenses, and noting position of president of FAMM that rioting was predictable based on unfairness of sentencing disparity).
JIT's clients include Texaco, FAMM, Sempra, and other major oil and trading companies.
Members of both parties deserve enormous credit for moving beyond the politics of fear and simply doing the right thing," said Julie Stewart, founder and President of FAMM.
Joseph Lowery, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, has expressed concern about crack sentences, and FAMM is trying to persuade the Congressional Black Caucus to tackle the problem.
Tom Schoenberg, Advocate Gains by Time Served: Decade-Old FAMM Expands Agenda, LEGAL TIMES, Mar.
All net proceeds stemming from the "Rock For Justice" concert, to be held October 26th at the venerable Roseland Ballroom, will be donated to FAMM.
Home Farm - or, as Dave Glover calls it, Orm Famm - is the home of Kim and Frank Tate, who have been entertaining us with their marital difficulties on Emmerdale (ITV).
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Steel Plus Network has awarded Project of the Quarter - Autumn 2003 to FAMM Steel, Inc.