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FCFootball Club
FCFiber Channel
FCFuel Cell
FCFootball Conference (Britain)
FCFriend Code (Nintendo Wii)
FCFight Club (movie)
FCFibre Channel
FCFiber Cable
FCFan Club
FCFirst Class
FCFull Color (publishing)
FCFouls Committed (soccer)
FCFingers Crossed
FCFirst Contact
FCFull Coverage
FCFemale Condom
FCForeclosure (also seen as FCL)
FCFree Church
FCFull Circle
FCFlip Chip
FCFedora Core (Linux distribution)
FCFiber-Optic Connector
FCFalls Church (Virginia, USA)
FCFlorida College (Temple Terrace, FL)
FCFoot Candle
FCFinance Committee
FCForestry Commission
FCForce Close (Android operating system; Google, Inc.)
FCFidel Castro (president of Cuba)
FCFixed Cost
FCFire Control
FCForeign Country (IRB)
FCFlow Cytometry
FCFurther Confusion (anthropomorphic convention)
FCFacilitated Communication
FCFoster City (California)
FCFamicom (game console)
FCFamily Circle (magazine)
FCFinancial Consultant
FCFlow Chart
FCFast Cash
FCFlood Control
FCField Controller
FCFunction Code
FCFriendship Circle
FCFarCry (game)
FCFeature Code
FCFont Change
FCFinancial Center
FCFecal Coliform
FCFunnel Cloud (METAR weather)
FCFencing Club
FCFlight Control
FCFinancial Controller
FCFuture City
FCFerry Corsten (Netherlands DJ/roducer)
FCFinancial Company
FCFan Coil
FCFeedback Control (ATMF)
FCFeedback Control
FCFlight Crew
FCFather Christmas
FCFrontier Corps (Pakistan)
FCFunctional Capacity
FCFile Code
FCFrequency Converter
FCFat Chance
FCFrame Control
FCFine Condition (used books/collectibles)
FCFire Command
FCForce Commander (game)
FCFamily Channel (ABC/Disney)
FCFaculty Center
FCForeign Corporation
FCFree Cholesterol
FCFull Context (decompressor state)
FCFish Commission
FCFighter Control
FCFlag Carrier (used in Capture the Flag game)
FCFinancial Cryptography and Data Security
FCFilm Coated (medications)
FCFall City (Washington)
FCFan Cooled
FCFrecuencia Cardiaca (Spanish: Heart Rate)
FCFuel Cycle
FCFleet Commander (science fiction)
FCFlotilla Commander
FCFair Catch (football)
FCFull Combo (Dance Dance Revolution)
FCFat Controller (Railway Series books)
FCFutball Club (soccer)
FCFibercore (wire rope)
FCFighter Command
FCFlux Capacitor (electronics; also a band)
FCFully Connected
FCFailure Code
FCField Change
FCFailure Count
FCFellow Craft (masonry)
FCFunctional Component
FCCivic Forum (Central African Republic)
FCField Command
FCFlight Commander
FCFront Cross
FCFusion Center
FCFuture Capabilities
FCFederal Criteria (Federal Information Processing Standards)
FCFederal Criteria (NIST)
FCFront Crawl (swimming)
FCFacility Code (Sprint)
FCFoster Care Children
FCFacility Code
FCFail Close
FCFinal Candidate (stage after beta stage of software development process)
FCFuture Crew
FCFaraday Cup
FcFragment Crystallizable
FCFinancial Cooperation
FCFluid Coupling
FCFinance Code
FCFranklin Central (High School)
FCFerrule Connector (optical connector type)
FCFull Certification
FCFerrum College (Ferrum, VA)
FCFuori Campo (Italian: Out of Field)
FCFuture Consumption (food and beverage industries)
FCFelician College
FCFunctional Code
FCFeeling Close
FCForward Checking (Search algorithms)
FCField Champ (dog field trial winner)
FCField Craft
FCFuture Century (G-Gundam)
FCBrothers of Charity (religious order)
FCFinance Corps
FCFrequency Calibration
FCFraction Calculator
FCFailure Cost(s)
FCFlame-Cut (technical drawings)
FCFacilities Contract
FCForward Curved (centrifugal fan blades orientation)
FCFunctional Chief
FCField Circular
FCFirst Cymru (travel company, Wales, UK)
FCFacility Clearance
FCFresh Condition
FCFinnish Chemicals (Kemira affiliated company, Finland)
FCFlight Clearance
FCFoaming Capacity
FCFlight Cycle (aviation)
FCFantasy Congress (game)
FCFeasibility Condition
FCFractocumulus (cloud formation)
FCFinance Command
FCForces Citoyennes (French: Citizen Forces, Morocco)
FCFlight Chart
FCFinecorsa (Electrical Limit Switch)
FCForage Chopper
FCFace of Curb
FCFishermen's Cooperative (Philippines)
FCFinishing Complete (S&S Furniture)
FCFixed Coverage
FCFund/Function(al) Code
FCFoam Chamber
FCFrederic Chiu (classical pianist)
FCFunctional Chain
FCFuel Configuration
FCFault Collection
FCFibre Carrier
FCFriendly Capability
FCFast Capacitor
FCFielding Command
FCForeground Channel
FCFundación del Centavo (The Penny Foundation; Guatemala)
FC(USN Rating) Fire Controlman
FCFocused Crawler/Crawling
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The rest is a mixture of old and new titles such as FARCRY Primal, PAYDAY 2, and Cities Skyline.
Spurs will be favourites to win at White Hart Lane, a farcry from the days when Sir Alex Ferguson needed only to say 'Lads, it's Tottenham' in his pre-match team talk.
Farcry Primal uses an ancient setting to break new ground in next gen gaming.
24 -- Recently Crytek GmbH, the creators of the FarCry and Crysis games have released the SDK for their latest engine CryENGINE 3.
Shoppers could try out blockbuster games being sold in the market like FarCry and Crysis Warhead, as well as the popular titles like FIFA 2009 and Warcraft 3.
Other bands playing on two stages to help send Lane County into summer: the Supersuckers, Northwest Royale, That 1 Guy, Vaux, Schoolyard Heroes, TV 616, Farcry and Alterego.
It should take place from November to New Year's Day and their gear is a farcry from that used by the adventurers a century ago.
MonaghanA FARcry from the glory days of the '80s, when Nudie and McEneaney knocked them in and McCarville and Caufield kept them out.
interests, the start of the second decade of America's relations with post-Soviet Russia is a farcry from the heady days of 1992, regardless of what Mr.
Measured game performance includes Crysis (+2-7% depending on the area of the game), Crysis Warhead (+2-3% depending on the area of the game), Devil May Cry 4 (+1-6% depending on the area of the game), Fallout 3 (+ 6-12% depending on the area of the game), FarCry 2 (gaming with ATI CrossFire enabled running no AA sees improvements of +20% on slower cards, and as much as 70% on faster ones; when AA is enabled +5-10% gains depending on the area of the game), Left 4 Dead (+2-4% depending on the area of the game), Lost Planet Colonies (+3-10% depending on the area of the game, S.
Farcry Primal Xbox One, PlayStation4, Windows Farcry
Based on AMD benchmark results in 3DMark06 (1280x1024), Quake 4 (1600x1200 HQ), Prey (1280x1024) and FarCry (1600x1200) on an AMD Phenom 2.