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FARKLEFancy Accessory, Really Kool, Likely Expensive (motorcycle accessories)
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I think kids will absolutely adore the pictures and the rhymes,'' says the Emmy-winning actor and author of ``The Remarkable Farkle McBride.
com/2013/01/31/boy-meets-world-more-roles/) Character descriptions of several other roles in the series have also been released, including Riley's 13-year-on brother Elliott, and to recently added characters, Tristan Friar and Shamus Farkle.
During his first appearance at UCLA's Royce Hall last year, Lithgow introduced audiences to a character named Farkle McBride.
This set the pace for the approximately hourlong program featuring another dozen songs and Lithgow's recitation of the original poem ``The Remarkable Farkle McBride.