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FASSFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences (National University of Singapore)
FASSFederation of Animal Science Societies
FASSFlorida Agricultural Statistics Service
FASSFinancial Acquisition Support Services (USAF & General Services Administration contract vehicle)
FASSFreien Akademischen Sportvereins Siegmundshof (German)
FASSFisheries and Aquatic Sciences Society
FASSFire Atmosphere Sampling System
FASSFixed Aircrew Seat Standardization
FASSForeign Affairs Sous-Sherpa (G7/G8 process)
FASSFunctional Area Subsystem
FASSFOC Autonomous Safing Sequence
FASSFiles Automation Scanning System
FASSFire & Air Support Section
FASSFixed Air Sampling System
FASSForward Area Sensor System
FASSFrequency Agile Signal Simulation
FASSFunctional Area Segment Specification
FASSForward Area Support System
FASSFundação Atlântico de Seguridade Social (private supplementary pension entity; Brazil)
FASSFirst Article Sample Submission
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In a statement, Fass said he looks forward to working with the board of directors in his new role: "White Mountains is a unique and exceptional company with a proven track record of success.
Outlining his expansion plans, Mosconi said that Vom Fass would open three to five franchise stores by the end of the year.
Fass notes that insomnia and sleep apnea could be consequences, rather than causes, of nighttime reflux.
About Colodny Fass Colodny Fass specializes in insurance regulatory, administrative and transactional law; commercial and civil litigation; and governmental consulting and lobbying.
Her background in marketing, combined with her creative energy and passion for helping children, is the perfect 'fit' for our organization, and will help us create new partnerships that will ultimately put shoes on the feet of many, many more children in need each year," says Amy Fass.
Vom FASS, known as "the sweet shop for grown ups", plans to evoke even more childhood memories with its new limited collection of hand-carved wooden toy bottles.
Fred Karlinsky of Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky & Abate in Ft.
The accounting firm, which also has an office in Manhattan, sublet 5,235 s/f from the law firm Baker Sanders Barshay Grossman Fass Muhlstock & Neuwirth at 1393 Veterans Memorial Highway.
Kathleen Hall, Lives in Translation: Sikh Youth as British Citizens (Philadelphia, 2002); Paula Fass, "Children and Globalization," Journal of Social History 36 (2003): 963-977.
Vom Fass has a fascinating and unusual line in selected wines,exclusive liqueurs made to its own secret recipes,and a wide choice of spirits from the cask.
We're devastated,'' Barbara Fass said tearfully in a phone interview.