FATCATFilm And Television Correlation Assessment Technique
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Labour MP Karl Turner said: "Once again David Cameron has questions to answer about the favours granted to his fatcat donors.
The chief executive of Britain's biggest The chief executive of Britain's biggest bank replied: "You'd have to define bank replied: "You'd have to define fatcat for me.
The FatCAT Series(TM) KD-CATHD250Lite and KD-CATHD250POH allows extension of 1080p/60, 1920x1200, 3D signals up to 210 ft.
The fatcat bankers should hang their heads in shame.
And worst of all, no one in the Scottish Government seems to know how many millions in NHS fatcat bonuses are being paid out each year.
The FatCAT Series(TM) KD-CATHD500Pro HDBT/HDMI (Tx/Rx) Extenders extend 1080p/60, 1920x1200, 3D signals up to 400 ft.
Another fatcat is Dr Malcolm McVicar of the University of Central Lancashire.
By designing adjustable ground settings into the FatCAT balun transmitters and receivers, Key Digital offers superior noise rejection and ground isolation which makes the FatCATs ideal for sending video and audio over CAT5.
Unlike New Labour fatcat Peter Mandelson, Middle England isn't on upwards of PS150,000 a year, living in PS2million-plus homes.
The FatCAT Series(TM) KD-CATHD300Lite allows extension of 1080p/60,1920x1200, 3D signals up to 250 ft.
AN amazing Government U-turn means fatcat footy fans will down booze at matches - while ordinary supporters are banned from drinking.