FATCATFilm And Television Correlation Assessment Technique
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Regional officer Graeme Turnbull said: "It's disgusting that public money is being creamed off by fatcats at the top in vast sums while the guys at the bottom are left struggling.
The fatcat bankers should hang their heads in shame.
By designing adjustable ground settings into the FatCAT balun transmitters and receivers, Key Digital offers superior noise rejection and ground isolation which makes the FatCATs ideal for sending video and audio over CAT5.
Stefan Stern of the High Pay Centre think tank said there had been "a tiny amount of restraint" on fatcat pay.
Another fatcat is Dr Malcolm McVicar of the University of Central Lancashire.
But fatcat bosses are still getting salaries that look like telephone numbers.
Some may claim this shows a lack of patriotism from fatcat businessmen.
FATCAT Government officials supposed to be helping to ease poverty spent pounds 248,300 on TAXIS in just 12 months.
OVERPAID bosses should hang their heads in shame on Fatcat Thursday.
Working people create the wealth in this country and they are sick and tired of fatcat bosses getting all the cream - especially when everyone else suffers squeezed living standards.
Geoff Martin of the campaign group Health Emergency added: "While nurses slog their guts out trying to cope with the surge in demand this winter, top brass have been sitting back, taking it easy on their fatcat salaries.