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FATIMAFinancial Assistance for Transport Integration in Metropolitan Areas (University of Leeds; UK)
FATIMAFastlandsforbindelsen Til Magerøya (Nordkapp-tunnel, Norway)
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Fatima cultivates vegetable twice a year and sells her farm produce, earning enough money to meet family needs and educate her children.
I have known Fatima a long time so I was not surprised that she was capable of producing such things, but for someone with her disability it is quite an amazing achievement," said Ms Barnes.
Nizami said though Fatima Jinnah had lost the election due to rigging by the Ayub dictatorship, she was the winner.
Mohammed is the name of the Prophet (PBUH), and Fatima was one of his daughters.
Launching her Twitter offensive, Sara has accused Fatima of being a " traitor" and a " wolf in a sheep's clothing.
Her husband was released on bail, while Fatima was sent to prison with the couple's two children.
The committee concluded that Our Lady of Fatima was just too small to house those community outreach programs.
Fatima said: "As a single parent, I was determined to support myself and my two sons financially.
Sociologists say that a girl like Fatima is usually forced to work on the street, and may feel oppressed and hated by those around her.
Fatima fans picked out David Simao, a teenage striker on loan from Benfica, as the player who could unlock City's defence.
It stars Cameron Van Hoy as David, Danielle Pollack as Fatima, Academy Award winner Martin Landau as Rabbi Schmulic and Academy Award nominee Tony Curtis.
Indeed, the film Breaking the Silence itself suggests that Fatima Alilire-Loeliger's father intentionally set her against her mother at one point.