FBHFerdinand Braun Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (Berlin)
FBHFull Body Harness (various companies)
FBHFlat Bottom Hole
FBHFire Baptized Holiness
FBHFederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
FBHFederation of British Herpetologists (UK)
FBHFort Benjamin Harrison (Indiana)
FBHFireBatHero (Starcraft gaming)
FBHForum des Biohygiénistes (French: Biohygienist Forum)
FBHForce Beachhead
FBHFluorescent Biprobe Hybridization (assay)
FBHFederal Bureau of Hackers
FBHFull-Blooded Human
FBHfamilial benign hypercalcemia (aka Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia)
FBHFairly Big Hammer
FBHFuel Burning Heater (vehicles)
FBHFederation of Bounty Hunters (gaming clan)
FBHFront of Back Hash (marching band)
FBHFeline Butt Hobbits
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O]ur analysis reveals that the FBH doctrine is not an effort to control the influence of the hindsight bias in securities litigation, but is part of an effort to manage securities cases.
05 level (2-tailed) Table 4 Effect of type of intervention on a measure of spelling outcome (ordered by magnitude) Dependent Variable: Mean Std Error Lower 95%CI Upper 95%CI FBH Spelling test results Class control group 42.
Only one case got transferred from FBH to hospital probably because people would likely, erroneously, see it as limiting the power of God in taking care of all situations.
Gerresheimer AG, a manufacturer of glass and plastic products for the pharmaceutical and life-science industry, has sold its technical plastics operations to the FBH Group, Bad Soden, Germany.
TS9 Number of minutes of telephone calls by mobile phones in FBH.
La matanza no detuvo el contraataque de la Armija, y el 26 de julio la FBH lanzo una ofensiva en Bosnia central que, en pocos dias, desbarato las defensas serbo-bosnias.
The FBH facility is structured as several neighborhoods, each made up of three or four households in which 9 or 10 residents live together.
interior gravity drainage, - 11 pieces of roof drains, - 270 m pe-hd rainwater pipe up to dn 150, - 1 piece sewage lifting unit, - 1 piece of dirty water lifting system, - 1 000 m pp waste water pipe up to dn 200, - 200 m stainless steel condensate water pipe for circulating air coolers, - 3 000 m stainless steel drinking water pipe up to dn 40, - 72x connection to on-site finished wet cells (tw / ww / zw / fbh / sw), - 72x completion of on-site prefabricated wet cells with shower, or bath, washstand, wc, all patient wet cells in suicide-inhibiting execution, - 8 handicapped accessible toilets and toilets, refrigeration systems.
your boys took a hell of a beating Terry Chapman or FBH @TERRYFBH Deadly David, Awesome Ayala, Crafty Clayton And Dependable Dimi Extinguish Fiery Forest's Fire.
of Papers University of Michigan US 18 Texas A&M University US 15 IMST Germany 14 University of Victoria Canada 9 NTT Japan 8 Arizona State University US 7 FBH Germany 7 University of California US 7 University of Duisburg Germany 6 FhG-IAF, Freiburg Germany 6 Terratec Corporation Japan 6 TH Darmstadt Germany 5 Doshisha University Japan 5 University of Taipei Taiwan 5
Installation of three groups and remote control line outlet for the east section: group of air heaters monoblock west group fbh west section group of domestic hot water installation of two heat storage tanks (2~500 l) heat release with underfloor heating.