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The German pair were happy with the win, particularly Feck, who had never previously beaten the Chinese.
Feck attempted to redeem himself with a second dive, where he managed to score 2.
This "brain trust" included their boss, and at least one C-suite executive, as well as Feck and the consultant.
Nobody is absolutely sure of what feck means, except 'Go to blazes
He said students were peppering their speech with the word feck - constantly used by drunken TV character Father Jack.
Your loving wife Pauline x HEATH - PHILIP April 28, 1934 Aged 79 years Dad its your birthday and I just want to say I miss you so much, I think of you every day Happy birthday feck, have a whiskey on me you know where it is by your favourite tree - Trisha, Alan & Will HEATH -- PHILIP.
Another German, the appropriately named Herr Feck, stepped off the 3m board and appeared to be braced for a good dive.
Feck has spent his entire career in the pulp and paper industry, beginning in 1979 when he joined Georgia-Pacific's Woodland Operations as assistant superintendent, water and effluent, in the steam and power department.
Not only do the Germans have no sense of humour, they have feck all taste as well.
IN REPLY to Lea Case , who thought last Monday's "Mrs Brown's Boys" was quite acceptable entertainment, I think you need your ears testing, or perhaps, Lea, your hearing aid batteries, need changing, if you really think the only bad language used regularly, is the world feck, and I think you know that only too well.
This worthwhile goal will keep us involved as Ralph Feck and Terry Gallagher take over the reigns next year as leaders of PIMA.
What the feck is this, The Edge," demanded an exasperated Bono.