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FTBFranchise Tax Board (California; they collect income and sales tax)
FTBFeed the Beast
FTBFamily Tax Benefit (Australian welfare assistance)
FTBFree Thought Blogs (personal blog)
FTBFear the Boot (podcast)
FTBFar Too Busy
FTBFirst Time Buyer (housing)
FTBFlower Travellin' Band (Japan)
FTBFile Transfer Batch
FTBFlexible Time Band
FTBFast Task Builder
FTBFront to Back
FTBForeign Trade Bank of Cambodia
FTBFull Tilt Boogie
FTBFirearms Technology Branch (US ATF)
FTBFamily Tree Builder (genealogy software)
FTBFirst Tennessee Bank
FTBFor the Birds
FTBFade To Black (TV scriptwriting term)
FTBFifth Third Bank
FTBForschungsinstitut Technologie-Behindertenhilfe (German technical research institute)
FTBFluidized Thermal Backfill (electrical construction)
FTBFlying Test Bed
FTBFASB Technical Bulletin
FTBFull-Time Basis (substitute teachers)
FTBForced to Buy (philately)
FTBFort Bliss (Texas)
FTBFort Belvoir (Virginia)
FTBFor the Boys
FTBFree Trader Beowulf (gaming guild)
FTBFuturistic Template Building
FTBFather to Be
FTBFilthy Thieving Bastards (band)
FTBFrank the Baptist (alternative/rock band)
FTBFeed the Birds
FTBFear the Beard
FTBFetch Target Buffer
FTBFeel the Burn!
FTBFight the Battle (band)
FTBFirst the Business
FTBFast-Twitch B
FTBFiber Termination Box
FTBFire Control Technician Ballistic (US DoD)
FTBFault Tolerant Broadcasting
FTB(USN Rating) Fire Control Technician (Ballistic Missile Fire Control)
FTBFédération des Trompes du Benelux (French: Benelux Federation of Horns)
FTBForward Technical Bridge
FTBFlight Testbed
FTBFull to Bursting (UK slang)
FTBFunky Town Boyz (band)
FTBFloating Tire Breakwater
FTBFear the Blue (website)
FTBFakenham Town Band (est. 1881)
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From this standpoint the drama may be said to have begun when the front doors of the house with the stable opened on the garden with the monkey tree, and a young girl came out with bread to feed the birds on the afternoon of Boxing Day.
said the jailer, putting his little daughter on the outer ledge of the grate, 'she shall feed the birds.
Kit scratched his head mournfully, in reluctant admission that it did not, and clambering up to the old nail took down the cage and set himself to clean it and to feed the bird.
RSPB Cymru will be holding Feed the Birds Day demonstrations over the October 29-30 weekend with family events including bird cake making and nest box building.
Feed the Birds Day (Saturday, October 30) is the perfect opportunity to find out more about our common visitors.
Feed the Birds Day events take place during the weekend of October 30 and 31 all over Wales - with activities such as bird cake making and nest box building.
Richard Bashford, Feed The Birds Day manager, said: "We think that everyone will easily be able to find something they can do to help birds regardless of the outdoor space they have.
Company director Will Armitage said: "The children were thrilled when we donated the bird feeding stations for Feed the Birds Day and it will be a fantastic project for them to work on over the winter months.
As the RSPB's National Feed The Birds Day approaches (Saturday, October 28), encouraging people to step up their bird-feeding activities, Tony offers the following tips on how to encourage birds into your own patch this autumn:
Feed the Birds, hand-finished contemporary wallpaper from a range of new designs from wallprint diva Louise Body that elegantly combine hand screen printing with digital image making.
Don't worry if you missed our special day recently, '' says the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) which held a Feed The Birds Day on October 30, ``you can still help wild birds in your garden to get through the winter and prepare for the breeding season in spring by filling a feeder today.