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In fact, much of the story Crowston tells is one of female/female relationships, in which the mistress seamstresses occupy an interesting middle ground--clearly dependent on and socially inferior to many (but not all) of their clients, but clearly superior to apprentices and illegal workers, and proud of their skills and their corporate organization.
He describes the basic sexual interactions of male/male, male/female, female/female sexual behavior within the primate group and adds the variables of juvenile/adult and dominant/submissive.
Australian and European plug converters and a 9-pin female/female null modem connector.
Tenders are invited for Union Female/Female U 11 3/4 Inch, To Drawing/Specification Is:1879- 87, Table- 10.
Female 87% Male 13% 18-24 8% 25-34 22% 35-44 25% 45-55 18% 55+ 27% Single shopper couple 68% Female/female 4% Male/female 12% Mother/daughter 16%
Bumper Beans also have either 4-40 and/or 6-32 threaded ends in male/female or female/female versions to accommodate different mounting holes and applications.
Amazing Race - Odds to Win Male/Male Team 11-10 Male/Female Team 13-10 Female/Female Team 3-2 American Idol
The VGA coupler requires neither tools nor assembly and features easy, snap-in mounting along with a 15-pin female/female feed-through.