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FEMTO10 to -15
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The researcher varies the number of macro and femto user to 180 users.
The new FEMTO products are great for all different kinds of show laser applications," explains Norbert Stangl, Sales & Marketing Director at Laserworld Group, "They can be used on the extremely professional level as well as for basic applications.
The chairman of the Femto Forum, Simon Saunders says femtocell deployments are growing rapidly with the majority of major operator groups now offering services.
Launched in July 2007, the Femto Home Access Solution from Nokia Siemens Networks introduces open interfaces, boosting the femtocell ecosystem and enabling operators to further enhance their 3G service offering and coverage.
private practice to own and operate this technology, Eye Consultants of Texas will act as a training ground for other ophthalmologists looking to use the FEMTO LDV and GALILEI.
GuideTech Femto products accomplish this by dramatically improving test throughput via fast measurement rates and increased parallelism, and by providing the critical, high-speed precision timing test coverage often lacking in ATE systems and competing lab instruments.
As such the Mobile World Congress is going to be a key event for operators to cement their consumer propositions to ensure their launches are as successful as possible," said Professor Simon Saunders, Chairman of The Femto Forum.
MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, BARCELONA, February 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) today announced that it has been invited by TeliaSonera, the leading telecommunication company in the Nordic and Baltic region, to participate in a trial of its Base Station Router (BSR) Femto in-building wireless access solution in Denmark.
The new 7200 RPM drive offers power-consumption parity with its 5400 RPM counterpart, due to Hitachi's newly miniaturized femto slider.
Argela, the next-generation telecommunications solutions provider, today announced its newest femtocell product - the Femto Notification Generator, FENG.
The femto cells are understood to revamp the voice coverage for consumers who get weak signal.