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Densely-deployed femto cell networks are used to increase wireless coverage in public spaces like office buildings, subways, and academic buildings.
The researcher varies the number of macro and femto user to 180 users.
In this paper, we propose a novel radio resource reuse and interference coordination technique employed to the femto tier in order to improve both energy and spectral efficiencies.
Performance Analysis When Coordination Is Implemented in Femto Cells
The chairman of the Femto Forum, Simon Saunders says femtocell deployments are growing rapidly with the majority of major operator groups now offering services.
Launched in July 2007, the Femto Home Access Solution from Nokia Siemens Networks introduces open interfaces, boosting the femtocell ecosystem and enabling operators to further enhance their 3G service offering and coverage.
private practice to own and operate this technology, Eye Consultants of Texas will act as a training ground for other ophthalmologists looking to use the FEMTO LDV and GALILEI.
5-inch HDD(a), due to the employment of smaller, lighter Femto Sliders in combination with a lighter head-suspension and head arm.
Based on patented TIA technology, the GuideTech Femto systems offer flexible, high throughput, precision signal analysis capability to test high speed and timing critical devices in production Automated Test Equipment (ATE) environments.
BOSTON -- A new demand-based forecast leverages Strategy Analytics' RF knowledge to project market timing for Public Femto Cells, Pico Cells and Metro Cells.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of hd video recording system for femto lasik and femto smile
Most critical issue in the deployment of femto cell in the macro cell are potential interferences, to reduce the interference in the wireless communication system some of the major techniques are interference coordination, interference cancellation, coordinated multipoint transmission and reception and interference alignment.