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FENSFederation of European Neuroscience Societies
FENSFaculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (Sabanci University; Istanbul, Turkey)
FENSFederation of European Nutrition Societies
FENSFuture Events News Service (London, England, UK)
FENSFunctional Endoscopic Nasosinus Surgery
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8 Pass a tower hide on the left, overlooking the Mere and Adventurer's Fen.
By getting the balance right, we hope to improve the quality of water running into the Llyn Fens SAC.
Conductivity (data not shown) varied by an order of magnitude from the most ion-poor bogs (range = 49-86 [micro]S/cm) to the ion-rich fens and swamps (range = 112-678 [f.
In autumn 1839 George Dunn found himself traveling across the rain-swept open fen land of Cambridgeshire.
NURSERY: Hundreds of endangered fen raft spiders are being hand-reared at Chester Zoo
He said the Life project has started to restore sustainable grazing back onto the fens by removing unwanted growth.
London, Jan 13 (ANI): Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London have found a large variety of tiny aquatic organisms in the East Stoke Fen nature reserve.
As a wetland complex containing fens in east-central Indiana, the Bennett wetland complex does not possess the same quality as the IMI wetland complex (Ruch et al.
But the final rehearsals for Fen, by playwright Caryl Churchill, have been particularly tough for director Sunila Galappatti, who recently caught chickenpox.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said creating 5,000 hectares of new habitat in the East Anglian fens would be a lifeline for endangered species.