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FESFundacion para la Educacion Superior (Spanish: Foundation for Higher Education)
FESFlash Evaporator System
FESFlorida Entomological Society
FESFestina Watches (Tour De France cycling sponsor)
FESV-FES Feline Sarcoma Viral/V-FPS Fujinami Avian Sarcoma Viral Oncogene Homolog
FESFixed End System
FeSIron Sulpher
FESFine Error Signal
FESFront End Screening
FESFleet Exercise Section
FESForced Entry Switch
FESFree Enterprise System, Inc. (Jeffersonville, IN)
FESFuels Enterprise System (US DOD)
FESFloor Elevation Survey
FESFluids Experiments System
FESFleet Electronics Shop
FESFlorida Engineering Solutions, Inc (San Antonio, FL)
FESFalls Efficacy Scale (psychometrics)
FESForestry Environmental Studies (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
FESFuzzy Expert System
FESFactor Evaluation System
FESFront End Supervisor
FESFront End System
FESFunctional Electrical Stimulation
FESFlared End Section
FESFollett Educational Services (Woodridge, IL)
FESFat Embolism Syndrome
FESFull En-Suite (real estate)
FESFlat Earth Society (band and organization)
FESFastiron Edge Switch (Foundry)
FESFrisbie Elementary School (Wolcott, CT)
FESForeign Exchange Student
FESFlywheel Energy Storage
FESFluent English Speaker
FESFriedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (German political foundation)
FESFlorida Engineering Society
FESFiber Ethernet Switch (network management)
FESFire and Emergency Services
FESForce Embedded Server (Force Computers)
FESFlorida Engineering Services, Inc (Miami, FL)
FESFamily Expenditure Survey (UK)
FESFront-End Software
FESFlextronics Enclosure Systems (division of Flextronics)
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The RG-HIIT-FES cycling parameters established during the FES cycling resistance maximal test where uploaded into the participant's RT300 FES cycle in his home by research staff.
L'article Un constructeur automobile russe s'installe a Fes est apparu en premier sur ALBAYANE .
A Japanese female was recruited as an expresser and required to express the six FEs above.
Overall Florida Entomological Society (FES) membership (1984-2013), FES student membership (1996-2013), number of University of Florida (UF) entomology and nematology students (1980-2013), and proportion of UF students participating in FES.
Working with our long-term colleagues at FES allows us to offer the optimum solution to our client with the confidence that it can be delivered within the project constraints.
Three study visits were performed on the RT300 FES bike (Restorative Therapies Inc; Baltimore, Maryland).
Fes is believed to be the most ancient functioning Islamic medieval city in the world, dating back to 800AD.
This section describes the development of the muscle model and segmental dynamics occurring during FES based on the work done by [17].
The current study is set out to develop a platform for testing different control strategies for a closed-loop FES system for ankle joint control during quiet standing, by isolating this joint's action in the standing posture.
In an FES system, electrical currents are used to activate nerves in paralyzed extremities.
For our reader's information, could you elaborate the work of FES in general and its thematic areas and projects particular to Pakistan?